Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Stroll - Late Season Color

photos from the Cutting Garden by Aisling, October 14, 2007 1) Evening Scented Stock 2) Pink Zinnia 3) Orange Zinnia 4) Bright Lights Cosmos 5) Old Fashioned Garden Balsam, grown from seeds shared by a cousin (and friend and gardening mentor!)


sheoflittlebrain said...

I've just found you through Cate. Your blog is a lovely place to visit and your pictures are wonderful..
Autumn's natural harvest looks beautifuly abundent where you live compared to high desert Arizona.

Aisling said...

Thank you for coming by! I'll take a look at your blog too.

I love your blogging name. We were just having a conversation in our house the other day about which A.A. Milne character each of us is most like. *grin* Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

What lovely flower photos you take. That pink zinnia is just beautiful. Are they all from your garden?


Aisling said...

Kate, Those flowers are all in a little cutting garden that I planted in August (I think) to fill in an empty raised bed. Thank you for your nice comment on my photos. Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph!