Monday, October 01, 2007

Sunday Stroll - Wild Harvest

The subdued tones of autumn, the mellow golds and brittle browns, may look like things are dying for the year, but as I took my walk yesterday afternoon what I saw all around was life replenishing itself. Stalks of tall grass were dropping seed into the creek bed and milkweed pods were swelling with their own downy seeds. Ripe grapes and viburnum berries, rose hips and thistle seed offered a feast to wild creatures, while ensuring their own abundant return.

photo by Haiku 1) Praying Mantis photos by Aisling: 2) Wild Grapes 3) Green Milkweed Pod 4) the seeds of a wild creek grass 5) thistle 6) rose hips 7) wild purple asters


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely photos and identifications. They have helped me with identifying so many things on the nature walks that I take with my daughter. I'm thinking we must live in the same part of the country! I really enjoy the photos and it helps me alot because many of the things I've seen I had no idea what they were.


Aisling said...

L., Thank you for your nice comment! How wonderful that you take nature walks with your daughter. Aren't those special times?

I'm glad you came by and commented! : )

Rapunzel said...

Gorgeous photos, Aisling!

L.L. Barkat said...

How lovely, lovely indeed.

Aisling said...

Rapunzel, Thank you so much! Good to see you here! :)

L.L., I thought of you when I posted this, because of our past blog-discussions on "wild edges." Thanks for your kind comment!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos, Aisling, and your poetry. Your writing is so evocative.

It is such a joy to see your images from across the world.

Aisling said...

Kate, Thank you, thank you! :)

I'm so glad you got your new camera! (Happy birthday, by the way!) I love the images you share!

Thank you for your nice comment on my writing and poetry. I hope I'm making it clear enough when I'm posting someone else's writing (this week's Poetry Thursday, for example.)

I'm so glad you came to visit.

Catherine said...

Very nice blog you have!!
Like the praying mantis shot!!
Sunday Stroll~Wild Harvest~Very good post!!

Aisling said...

Cat, Thank you for coming by! I have enjoyed visiting your blog too. I love all the macro photos!

I love the praying mantis photo too! My daughter took that one!