Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Muse - Spanish Guitar

The children are still sleeping and Limerick has already headed off to work. The house is quiet and still, except for the soft hum of clothes tumbling in the washing machine and the hushed whirring of the percolator as it keeps the coffee warm. I did homework for a while, but needed a little "brain break" so I listened to this spanish guitar composition while I watched the slide show in my side bar. This guitarist, C├ęsar Berlanga, might be a bit of a character (note the stuffed animals on the couch beside him; so cute!) but the music is serene and lovely.


linda said...

dear aisling, your words to me this morning were so touching, they hit me right in the heart, where they were most needed....thank you deeply for being there, for occasionally visiting me on my blog and leaving me words of wisdom....your way of seeing is a gift, you must someday write a book of poetry and I will buy as many as I have people I love to give them to...the way you see personality "disorder" is so beautiful, so magical really, I intend to print them out and frame them for my studio and bedroom, where I can read them often, most often when I am down and needing a helping hand and is there that you are.

much love and gratitude, linda

Aisling said...

What a beautiful thank you note. You're very welcome.

love and hugs,