Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Stroll - July's Palette

July's palette is not only the blue of chicory at the roadsides, but also the soft pink of rosebuds in the garden. As I walked this afternoon, the gardens glowed with pink and yellow, orange and purple. The sky overhead was gray and the hills all around me were many shades of green.





photos by Aisling, July 19, 2009 1) rose bud 2) fairy rose 3) monte negro an lipstick pink lilies 4) "burgandy" wave petunias 5) stella d'oro lilies 6) blanket flower/galliardia 7) yellow lupine in the front garden 8) orange daylilies in the butterfly garden 9) more blanket flowers (this time categorized as orange instead of yellow - since they are both!) 10) an orange daylily and lemon thyme in bloom 11) potato blossoms 12) an oddball petunia - looks like the lavender wave variety that I planted last year. 13) little grapette daylily in the front garden


Cloudhands said...

Love the rose bud, so perfect. Then the potato flowers made we smile. Little turbans. All in all a very pretty stroll. I'm still waiting on my blanket flowers to open. They are hanging tight for some reason.

Aisling said...

My blanket flowers are in a sunny westward facing garden, so they are early bloomers. :)

This is the first year we've grown potatoes. We are pinching off all the buds, to promote potato growth, but had to snap this photo first. You can sure tell they are in the nightshade family from the blossoms!

linda said...

my dear, this is all so lovely, such beautiful color, most especially the pink roses, my favorite!

have a wonderful week!!

Aisling said...

Linda, The blooming rose is fairy rose" and each blossom is really small and delicate - I don't know if that is obvious from the photo. I actually can't remember what the bud looks like in full bloom... so we'll have to wait and see on that one. Thanks for the nice comment!