Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday Stroll - Autumn becomes Fall

Most people use the terms Autumn and Fall synonymously. For me, they are two different seasons. Autumn days intertwine with the days of late summer, with warm days and crisp nights and generous color in the trees. Fall begins unexpectedly one night as a cold wind rips the leaves from many trees at once, and in the morning the streets and sidewalks are paved with slippery, gold and brown leaf litter. This year, that windy night was Friday, leaving the trees in skeleton form just in time for Halloween.

As the boys trick or treated last night in the village, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the village in Fall. This proprietor will have to change their gorgeous display. October may be "Art Month" as the window proclaims, but November is here, as the crunch of leaves beneath our feet reminds us.

The flowers in the pots along the street seem to glow with amazing intensity above a blanket of brown leaves.

The bridge to the island library looks abandoned now that the summer residents have moved on. The river is host to fishermen in flannel rather than teenagers in skimpy swimwear. The bay is quiet and waiting.

I saw this fellow sitting in a garden as we walked the streets at twilight. He seems pensive, but resigned, which is how I feel about November.

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you joyful thoughts and happy trails.
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all photos by Aisling, October 31, 2009


Cloudhands said...

I'm forcing myself to choose and I choose the perspective of the bridge through the post, it invites me to make the passage. But I am also really fond of the frog who has a cousin in our wild flower garden, our sentinel is green. I always enjoy your strolls through E.R.

Aisling said...

Thank you. I like the bridge too, but it looks lonely to me at this time of year. My own favorite is the frog however. How can a garden ornament look like a kindred spirit? lol!

Cloudhands said...

Our kindred frog spirit is also made of stone. The the more active frogs seem to have taken cover here recently and I don't expect to see them till spring.

Aisling said...

Yes, I haven't heard a real-life frog in a while either. It is a great moment in spring when I hear them again for the first time. :)

Rapunzel said...

Beautiful stroll as always, Aisling! I so love your village!

Pom Pom said...

My Sunday stroll was wet. I tried to point my camera up, away from all the dirty, leftover snow. I didn't post about it this time. I'll try next Sunday.

Aisling said...

Rapunzel, As much as I love my acres in the country, a part of me would love to live right in village. It is a lovely place with a friendly atmosphere.

Pom Pom, Strolls under such conditions can be invigorating, but not so great for photography! :)