Friday, December 12, 2008

Feelin' Groovy...

Does anyone besides me remember that old Simon and Garfunkle tune, 59th Street Bridge Song? "Slow down, you move too fast," the lyrics remind us, "You've got to make the morning last, just kickin' down the cobblestones. Lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy."

My classes are done for the semester... essays submitted, exams taken. After a pause for a deep breath, I still have plenty to do. I have already enjoyed picking up a non-text book, the memoir A Three Dog Life by Abigail Thomas, for the first time in months. I had to substitute at the school yesterday, my first day after exams, so today feels like my first day of the holiday break. I am volunteering at the school for an hour, later this morning, but after that I have a little time for the library, a little cleaning and laundry at home, and maybe another chapter or two in that book.

Tuesday morning at the bus stop, five-year old Tanka asked me, "How many days until the future?" Really... what could I tell him? I keep wondering that myself! *grin*

Despite the snow, I'm feelin' groovy. Where-ever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you're feelin' groovy too.

photos by Aisling, December 11, 2008 1) Come on in, if you can find the door (our pole barn) 2) our "groovy" driveway.


One Woman's Journey said...

I like your comment. Funny I was raised in the North. Snow and everyone kept moving. This morning a dusting in Tennessee and schools are closed. So my little granddaughters enjoy your day off.
The sun is shining, 45 degree predicted and your mama is probably going to have a busy day with you at home. LOL

Aisling said...

There is a very different reaction to snow in places where it snows a lot. I can't believe the conditions we get out and move around in sometimes, but if we stopped every time it snowed, we'd have to hibernate all winter. Especially this year it seems! :)

Thanks for visiting.

Memaw's memories said...

I do remember the song. I visited Ann Arbor MI in January once. They drove on snow like we do in the dry here in Ar, butlet a few flakes fall and they send us home, after we totally clean out the grocery stores.

It's a frame of mind I do believe.

Anonymous said...

Feelin' groovy here in wet, wild, windy and WARM Nova Scotia. :-)

Aisling said...

Memaw, I wonder if you will get any snow this year? Do you get a little bit every year where you are, or is it rare? It hasn't snowed this much in years. It seems to be cyclical.

I can't believe it's warm there! lol!

Prairie Star said...

Yes! I remember the song and, with a big smile on my face, I'm humming the tune. How nice it must be to be done with textbooks for awhile! Enjoy your break ;o)!

Aisling said...

Prairie Star, It is kind of a catchy tune, isn't it? I used to sing it to my kids when they were really small, and they always smiled at the tune... while I thought about the advice in the lyrics, "Slow down, you move too fast." I always wanted to slow down and savor those moments.

Thank you for visiting! :)

Everydaywoman said...

I, too, am feeling "groovy," but mostly stressed! The answer to your little one's question about how much time to the future is, unfortunately, not enough! Although time seems to pass slowly for them--from one Christmas to the next seems like an eternity to little ones--it's racing much too quickly for most of us! As always, thanks for sharing your photos, your thoughts, and the lyrics to a familiar tune! Try to enjoy a little downtime between courses and before it gets crazy again. I seem to be a perpetual student, too,--and I love it!

Aisling said...


I love my course work, but find it hard to juggle being a mom and a student. I want to give both "my all."

I hope you find some time to relax during the holidays!