Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Muse - Inspiration from Blogs Continued

I wrote last Monday about the inspiration I receive from reading blogs. Today I am going to continue to tell you about the blogs in my blogroll: who they are and why they appear on my list.

I have been reading Mrs. Pivec's Golightly Place blog with pleasure for quite some time now. She is a vegetarian homeschooling mom, intent on living lightly upon the earth. Her artistic leaning is apparent in her blog entries, which sometimes include glimpses from her sketchbook. Her personality, conveyed sweetly through her writing, is pleasant and friendly. Though I'm no longer a homeschooling Mom, I really enjoy reading about her approach to educating, and learning along side, her daughters.

Recently I did several posts for La-tea-dah's Tea Blogging event. I enjoyed the event and was disappointed when other committments prevented me from doing the last few week's entries. Her blog is filled to the brim with interesting information, from tea traditions to recipes, craft ideas and suggestions for other great blogs to read. Gracious Hospitality isn't just a pretty name; it is what one truly finds when one read's La-tea-dah's blog.

A love of nature is how L.L. Barkat and I found each other's blogs, sometime last year. We share an enthusiam for letting the wild edges of our property grow up with native species. I love to visit her blog for pretty Wordless Wednesday images or for suggestions for using edible wildflowers. Green Inventions Central is a restful respite from a hectic world.

photo by Haiku, May 4, 2008 Blue Sky/Green Leaves

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