Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Muse - Still More Inspiration from Blogs

The next blog on my blogroll is a crafting blog, Inside a Black Apple. I haven't gotten to know this blogger well as I have many others; she has a fairly busy blog and a large readership. Despite that, I really enjoy looking in on her blog periodically. She is an artist and crafter, and I love her style. It was fun to see her a couple of months ago on Martha Stewart. If I ever find time to "get crafty" myself, you will probably see a few more craft-related blogs appear on my blogroll. There are some beautiful craft blogs out there!

Joanne's Joyful Blessings blog is also somewhat craft oriented. Joanne does lovely needlework which she often features on her blog. I got to know Joanne years ago through "list mail" on several very domestic lists. I love to peek in on her blog to hear what she has been teaching in the homeschooling co-op, see bits of her garden, or see her latest project.

Visiting my dear friend Nan's blog, Letters from a Hill Farm, is like taking a trip to the country side. It is, as they say, a breath of fresh air. There you will find book reviews, pretty photos of rural images, recipes and poetry. Even if I hadn't already known Nan, I would want to read her pleasant cheerful blog daily.
photo by Aisling, May 11, 2008 Angelique Tulip


Anonymous said...

There are two blogs I go when I want a sense of peace and wonder - yours and Nan's.

Aisling said...


Thank you. :)

Mandie said...

Great blogs! Thank you for adding me to your list. I feel so special. Have a great day!

Aisling said...

Mandie, You're welcome! Yours fits right in with the other other blogs I love to read! :)

Nancy J. Bond said...

That tulip is exquisite! What a gorgeous color!

Aisling said...

It is pretty. I need to revitalize my planting of this type of tulip, because I am down to just a couple and then a few that are "almost" this tulip, but spindly and without much pink in the flower. I will be on the lookout for "Angelique" this autumn! Thanks for visiting me this afternoon!