Saturday, August 01, 2009

An NYC Moment in Our Little Village

Last year, I wrote about a “Quiet Country” moment that I experienced while chaperoning a high school music department trip to NYC. (You can read that old post here.) This morning, I experienced the opposite. It is our town’s annual summer festival and this morning was the parade. Unfortunately, a huge rain shower was also on the agenda for the morning. I saw the clouds and grabbed an umbrella as we headed out to the parade. Limerick was at an estate sale, Senryu was working at the coffee house in the village, and the three younger kids and I were fortunate to be invited under a tent where a fund raiser was being run to watch the parade.

As the parade began, fierce torrents of rain began to fall. High winds whipped the cold rain along the street and even the “tent” (really just a roof) did not offer protection. Just then, a little man with a cart full of umbrellas began to walk along the street hawking his wares. “Umbrellas! Six Dollars!” he called out, walking close to the crowds that lined the street. His presence took me back 26 years to my first time in New York City. As I was shopping with my classmates, all those years ago, a sudden, unexpected rain began to fall. Umbrella vendors appeared out of nowhere, like steam rising from the manhole covers. The umbrella I used until about 2 years ago was the small black collapsible model that I purchased that day in the rain.

This morning, the rain continued throughout the parade, letting up to just a drizzle as the last of the fire trucks rolled noisily down Main Street. Haiku and I took two shivering little boys into the coffee house, where Senryu and her co-workers were busily catering to demands for hot beverages. We added two hot chocolates and two hot coffees to their workload, and then with our cups of comfort in hand, walked to the other side of the village where our car was parked.

And there you have it: a story about nothing. Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you comfort and contentment.


Pom Pom said...

Hi A,
It's amazing that you kept that umbrella for so long! I'm glad you had a fun outing with the family! Tomorrow: Sunday Stroll

Aisling said...

Pom Pom, It is amazing, but I don't remember to grab my umbrella very often so it was mostly just put away!

Yes... and I hope the weather cooperates for strolling!