Saturday, April 01, 2017

Saturday Snapshot: April One

As I take this photo, we are lounging in the meadow immediately south of the garden enclosure.  Well, actually, I am completely sprawled out on the ground while Micah scurries around exploring, smelling everything, and tasting something now and then for good measure. 

April sailed in on a blue sky.  Hurrah for April!  

On this beautiful blue sky afternoon, I feel grateful for this season of growth.

The birds are mostly quiet in the late afternoon.  As I lay in the field appreciating the wide sweep of blue I see above me, I hear only Micah's excited frisking and the occasional sharp call of our resident crows.  An eagle glides across the expanse of brilliant blue in absolute silence.

I smell fresh air and warm puppy, as I push up from the cool earth.  It is time to get moving. I have to water the seedlings in the house, which will be planted into the garden in a few short weeks.  

Walking into the kitchen, spritzing the seedlings with a little mister, I pluck a tiny leaf from my tray of Asian Greens, and I taste vitality and freshness.

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you a fulfilling season.

Tomorrow: Sunday Stroll.  Join in with a post on your own blog if you can!  


Jan said...

Marcie, I just can't believe how happy your post made me feel. It was lovely! Pure poetry! Thank you so much for this 💕🌿🌱

Marcie said...

Jan, Oh, yay! I am always hoping that a visit to my blog will bring a sense of happiness or calm. Thank you for telling me that reading my post today made you happy! :D

Birgit said...

Love the pic of your doggie looking towards the future. The blue sky is brilliant

Marcie said...

Birgit, I like how you said "looking towards the future." Actually, the garden enclosure is the near future! There is a lot of work to do to get it up and running, and providing food for our household! In the meantime though, it sure is nice to just laze around in the sunshine and fresh air! :D

Out on the prairie said...

Pretty excited to taste garden fresh.Seeing a few new sprouts each day. I am excited to see my burns green in on the few burns I did.We drilled one huge area with seed in SE IA I plan on visiting soon.

Marcie said...

Steve, That will be very interesting at the burn sites. Did you seed the area with native varieties? I can't wait to see your photographs from that area!

Magic Love Crow said...

A wonderful moment! I was there with you and your puppy Marcie! You made my heart smile! Hugs!