Saturday, March 11, 2017

March photo A Day 11 - I See

I see winter falling all around me, while spring pushes up through the soil.
I hear the distant inquiry of crows, and the answering jay nearby.
I feel crisp, cold air on my skin, a sharpness in each breath.
I crush thyme, an evergreen in the herb garden,
and the scent rises, cutting through the cold like a pungent blade.  
I feel transported;
 the fragrant herbs and cool dark soil lift me for a moment
 and there is the wild sweet promise of spring, 
rising like sap in my winter-weary branches.

Today's Photo A Day Prompt, "I See..." fit perfectly with my usual Saturday Snapshot post.  You can read all about the Photo A Day Challenge here.  Tomorrow's prompt is Wrinkles!  

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you hope.


Jan said...

Wonderful and lovely photos with beautiful it Marcie~

Marcie said...

Thank you so much, Jan. :D

Cat Lover said...

Beautiful post Marcie. Your words are lovely.
Thanks for sharing!

Marcie said...

Robin, Thank you! I love my Saturday Snapshots. Thinking through the senses, noticing what is there, is like a small meditation.

Sandra Cox said...

That's beautiful, Marcie! Your words are so crisp and clean.
We're supposed to get snow tonight. Woe is my poor tulips and azaleas.

Marcie said...

Sandra, Thank you so much. Oh no! Your flowers. I hope they are only lightly touched, if at all. I think maybe frost would be worse than snow...? Let's hope for the best.

Crafty Green Poet said...

always lovely to see the first shoots coming up!