Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March Photo A Day 21 - Sweet

This is a "recycled" photo included on this blog way back in 2007, in this post entitled Echo and Narcissus...  The next several days of the photo challenge will be either recycled from  earlier posts, my personal photo collection, or taken with my low quality cell phone camera.  My son has borrowed back his little point and click camera for an adventure, so I am winging it for the remainder of the photo challenge. 

Hopefully we will soon be seeing some blooms similar to this in my neighborhood!  What about you?  Are your crocus and daffodils blooming?  Do you have a house in your neighborhood that has an abundance of spring bulbs, bursting with color and life at the leading edge of spring?  Each year, I put in a few more.  There is something so cheering about early-blooming flowers!

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you good cheer!


Sandra Cox said...

That is just about one of the most perfect photos I've seen. The daffodils look ready to jump right off the page.
YOU have a relaxing evening:)

Jan said...

Marcie, this is a beautiful flower photo and Echo is actually lovely for a spider :}
I love your photos they are always so lovely~

Marcie said...

Sandra and Jan, Do you know, those photos were taken by my daughter when she was just 14. You can, perhaps, see why I had her take many of the photos for my gardening book!

Thank you both for visiting. Have a beautiful evening!

Jan said...

Wow!!! Fantastic!!! She's a natural!!!

Cat Lover said...

Hi Marcie, lovely photo. We are still pretty cold here but the snowdrops have been out for the last month or so. I noticed on our walk yesterday many gardens have crocuses blooming. So pretty!