Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Stroll Invitation

We are on the third day of all-day rain and drizzle. If I walk at all, it will be a soggy plod through deep puddles! I hope your weather is more inviting than mine!

The weather has also put a damper on my rural satellite internet, so yesterday's Photo A Day post is in limbo on my desktop computer and I am writing on my phone with it's tiny screen and limited data allowance!

However, if you stroll today, please leave me a note so I can come by for a visit as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I am cleaning house and watching through the windows for a break in the clouds.

Click here to join Steve out on the cold Prairie for an early Springtime Stroll.


Jan said...

Marcie, I hope that your weather improves so that you can be outside again.
It is gloomy here, too, with drizzle, but I plan on working in my art journal today, so the weather is perfect for this~


Out on the prairie said...

just posted

Marcie said...

Jan, I am having the perfect weather for that too (art) but alas, am not a visual artist. I MAY, however, pull out that old guitar and polish up a song or two!

Magic Love Crow said...

We have been getting tones of rain too Marcie!!!
Have fun playing the guitar!!!