Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Stroll Invitation - Last Sunday of Winter

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. 
Hal Borland

This is officially the last Sunday in winter.  Evidence of that is clear, where I am.  There are patches of snow on the land, and bits of ice in the water, and yet, the chives are two inches tall and green sorrel is peeking up beneath the decaying leaves remaining from last autumn.

Will you walk with me on this last Sunday in winter?  If you do, and if you post photos of your stroll through your own corner of the world, please let me know in a comment and I will share a link to your blog on this post, and on my own Sunday Stroll post coming later today.  I wonder how great a variety of weather and early spring growth we will find?

Stroll with Steve and the birds Out on the Prairie.

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Jan said...

Marcie, I wish that I could walk with you this day and share a photo with you, but I've set aside today to work on some art projects and I've been looking forward to working in my art journal. Sundays are usually quiet around here and I take advantage of this when I can :)


Cat Lover said...

Hi Marcie. we enjoyed an1 1/2 hour walk this morning in the 40 F sunny weather. It was lovely. Spring is in the air!
Hope you had a wonderful walk too.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Marcie! It's doesn't feel like winter today. It's close to 80 degrees.
I'm always excited about your garden.

Marcie said...

Jan, Sounds like you are spending your Sunday in a way that is just right for you. I'm a big fan of that! I wish you happy hours!

Robin, That sounds like a lovely walk. Just over 40F here though not a lot of sun. The warm air definitely feels nice!

Marcie said...

Oh my goodness, Pom! That is so warm! Thank you for the garden enthusiasm! :D