Friday, March 17, 2017

March Photo A Day 16 - I Dislike...

"Something in us is telling us we're moving too fast, 
at a pace dictated by machines rather than by anything human, 
and that unless we take conscious measures, 
we'll permanently be out of breath."
~ Pico Iyer

This hasty photo was snapped from a gas station during one of the busiest days I've experienced in quite some time.  I flew from one activity to the next, with hardly any time at home all day long.  Several parts of the day were very leisurely and enjoyable, but I don't like hurrying down the highway from one thing to the next.

Today's prompt was "I dislike..." which put me in the unusual position of looking for the negative.  I generally do the opposite!  What I realized is that the hectic pace of my day prevented me from taking my time searching for a perfect photo op.  So, this was snapped "on the fly."  To honor the prompt, I have to admit that I dislike a hectic pace.  I'm a big fan of life in the slow lane!

We were very fortunate, however, to spend the evening with one of my daughters and her husband, as well as with one my partner's sons and his wife and child.  We ate at a "plant forward" restaurant and the meal was nutritious and delicious.  The conversation was fun and lively.  The faces were beautiful. The laughter was contagious. 

At the end of the busy day, we were finally home. In the darkness, we parked the car and walked under star-filled skies into our house, where we were greeted by an enthusiastic canine welcoming committee!   We threw a few logs in the wood stove, and took a few deep breaths.  Life is good.

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you a pace of life that suits you.

More about the Photo A Day Challenge.  Day 17's prompt is Green.

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Birgit said...

Wimlove what you wrote and you are so right about the hectic pace. Actually I had heard that 30 years ago the average attention span was something like. 9 it is 9 seconds! We need to relearn how to slow down and take in the day rather than move past it. Glad your evening was a nice one.

Marcie said...

Birgit, I try to have a few gatherings at our farm each year that celebrate life in the slow lane. There is a lot of sitting around and talking and limited technology "going." For example, we play guitars and sing, rather than turning on a radio. We meal prep together, etc. I think it is important to pass on the beauty of a slow pace to the younger generations, so that they don't miss out on it altogether.

That attention span statistic is shocking! Wow!

I hope you have a lovely, leisurely weekend.

Jan said...

Marcie, you turned a very busy day into a relaxing and lovely evening...good for you!
You looked at the stars. You were welcomed home by canine friends and you were mesmerized by logs burning in a wood stove with someone you love...this is my idea of heaven~

Out on the prairie said...

I never wear a watch, it is always time to enjoy life.

Marcie said...

Jan, I try not to have a lot of crazy-busy days, but when I do... you are right, have to find that loveliness at the end of the day. I can see you understand!

Steve, I would have guessed that "no watch" thing about you. I like your philosophy!

Cat Lover said...

So glad you were able to enjoy a relaxing evening. We have had a few hectic days too and now plan on a few leisurely ones!

Marcie said...

Robin, Hope you got that relaxation in. Our afternoon was busy, but our houseguests headed home and we are "chilling" for the evening.