Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Muse - Inspiration from Blogs (resumed)

It has been several weeks since I wrote about the blogs on my blogroll and the inspiration they provide. Beginning with Memorial Day, it seems my Mondays have been devoted to other things... but today I'll resume. Since I began writing about the blogs on my list, and why they are there, I have added a few new blogs. Eventually, I hope to go back and tell you about some of those, but in the meantime, I'll just start where I left off.

The last blog I wrote about was Our Red House, so next up is Path to Freedom Journal. This blog chronicles the happenings of a little Urban Homestead in California. I love the photos of vegetable beds and small livestock, artfully squeezed into a tiny urban backyard. I love the weekly menus which are posted, giving readers a glimpse of what eating locally... very locally... could look like. My climate is so different from the one in which the writers of this blog dwell. In this northern locale, eating locally takes on a different challenge entirely: the growing season is much shorter, so more preservation and less fresh eating is involved. Nevertheless, I find their urban homesteading adventure fascinating and inspiring.

Next on my list is author Margaret Evans Porters blog, Periodic Pearls. I read several of her novels years ago, during a Regency Era reading frenzy. One day, several months ago, I read a comment that Margaret wrote on my friend Nan's Letters from a Hill Farm. Recognizing her name, I sought out her blog. To my delight, I found that we share other interests, besides writing, history, and England. Her gardens are lovely and I'm happy that she has joined in my Sunday Stroll event several times.

Next on my list is a quiet, thoughtful blogger. Prairie Star doesn't post her Wonderings often, but when she does they are insightful and personal. I think we found each other through comments on Cate's blog, Beyond the Fields We Know, and I have enjoyed getting to know Prarie Star through her own writing. She has a calming, pleasant friendliness that is conveyed through her posts.

Photo by Haiku, June 14, 2008 looking at the butterfly garden through the wild daisies that grow behind it.


Chellie said...

I'm glad this resumed. I think it's fun to read!

Aisling said...

Chellie, Thank you for letting me know that! It is always good to know that I'm not talking to myself. lol! I hope you will visit some of the blogs that sound like they are written by someone you would like to know. :)